4 dream road trips for motorcycle enthusiasts

BBryan February 28, 2024 7:01 AM

The call of the open road is something that tugs at the heart of every motorcycle enthusiast. The thrill of the open space, the wind in your face, and the roar of your bike beneath you - it's a feeling that's hard to beat. Here, we have handpicked 4 dream road trips for motorcycle enthusiasts. Get ready to ride!

Route 66 - United States

Arguably the most iconic road trip in the United States, Route 66 stretches from Chicago, Illinois, all the way to Santa Monica, California. Known as the 'Main Street of America', the route offers an incredible range of sights, from the towering skyscrapers of Chicago to the desert landscapes of Arizona.

Highlights: Historic landmarks, national parks, diners, and roadside attractions.

Ring Road - Iceland

For those who love a challenge, the Ring Road in Iceland provides a truly unique motorcycle experience. This 828 mile route takes you around the entire island, offering breathtaking views of glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanos.

Highlights: Vatnajökull National Park, black sand beaches, and the Northern Lights (in winter).

Great Ocean Road - Australia

Regarded as one of the world's most scenic coastal drives, the Great Ocean Road in Australia is a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts. The 151-mile route winds its way along the rugged southern coastline of Australia, offering stunning ocean views and access to several national parks.

Highlights: Twelve Apostles, wildlife encounters (including koalas and kangaroos), and surf breaks.

Stelvio Pass - Italy

Boasting 48 hairpin turns, the Stelvio Pass in Italy is often considered one of the best motorcycling roads in the world. At an elevation of 9,045 feet, the road provides stunning views of the Italian Alps.

Highlights: Alpine scenery, challenging hairpin turns, and local gastronomy.

Road Trip Route Mileage Highlights
Route 66, USA 2,448 miles Historic landmarks, national parks, diners, and roadside attractions
Ring Road, Iceland 828 miles Vatnajökull National Park, black sand beaches, Northern Lights
Great Ocean Road, Australia 151 miles Twelve Apostles, wildlife encounters, surf breaks
Stelvio Pass, Italy 15 miles Alpine scenery, challenging hairpin turns, local gastronomy

Don't forget to plan well, pack right, and ride safe on these dream road trips. Each of these routes offers its unique charm and challenges, perfect for any motorcycle enthusiast seeking an unforgettable journey.

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